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This group is for detail images of aircraft specifically. Regardless of sharpness, if the full aircraft is in frame, it does not belong in this group. I will reject any submissions that do not adhere to this. Any such rejections will not be based on perceptions of image quality.

I'd love to see your best close detail images.

Thank You!

Gallery Folders

The Last Of The Few by hanimal60
Bud by FooFighter7
Starfighter by hanimal60
Yellow Peril by FooFighter7
Lt Cdr Chris Gotke by Daniel-Wales-Images
Alister Kay by Daniel-Wales-Images
Rob Millinship by Daniel-Wales-Images
Post Flight Photo by Daniel-Wales-Images
General Detail - Propeller Types
Bye! by DocMallard
A.N.E.C II by Daniel-Wales-Images
190 by FooFighter7
Double Trouble Two by FooFighter7
General Detail - Jet Types
Hawker Hunter by FooFighter7
Lightning Flags by hanimal60
McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II by Daniel-Wales-Images
McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR.2 by Daniel-Wales-Images
General Detail - Helicopters and Autogyros
Do you feel lucky by hanimal60
apache nose by hanimal60
Sad fate for a war wagon by Embrace-Fate
Westland WAH-64D Apache AH.1 by Daniel-Wales-Images
General Detail - Unpowered Flight
Abbott-Baynes Scud II by Daniel-Wales-Images
Fauvel AV.36 by Daniel-Wales-Images
Glider by SomersetCider
Falcon by FooFighter7
Aviation Exhibits and Aviation Related Items
In memory of by hanimal60
Pratt and Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp by Daniel-Wales-Images
BMW 801 by Daniel-Wales-Images
General Electric M61 Vulcan by Daniel-Wales-Images
Nose Art, Tail Art and Insignia
USAF by FooFighter7
74 Squadron Insignia by Daniel-Wales-Images
65 Squadron Insignia by Daniel-Wales-Images
Clawin' Kitty by Daniel-Wales-Images
Cockpits and Instrument Panels
Pilot's View by lockheed5b
Bombardier's Seat by lockheed5b
TBM Avenger Panel by lockheed5b
TBM Avenger Instrument Panel by lockheed5b
Engines and Internal Workings
Pratt and Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior by Daniel-Wales-Images
Argus As-014 Pulsejet by FooFighter7
Gnome 7 Omega by FooFighter7
de Havilland Gipsy Six II by Daniel-Wales-Images
Armament and Ordnance
Firepower by FooFighter7
In a bid to prevent the problem of having too many submissions in each folder, I have started to add more specific folders. The hope is that by spreading submissions across a wider selection of folders, images will not be buried under quite so many new additions, or at the very least, prolong this from happening for a while.

The new folders are Cockpits and Instrument Panels, Engines and Internal Workings and Armament and Ordnance.

As before, submissions to these new folder should only be if you believe that there is a specific focus on those details. For example a photograph showing the front end of a radial or rotary type may not necessarily belong in the engine and internal workings folder, simply because the engine is on show. However, if you think your submission focuses specifically on that aspect of the aircraft then it does indeed belong there. If you want any clarification of what I'm looking for for each folder, I'd be happy for you to send me a link to the image and I will make the decision, otherwise just check the folder for the kind of image already submitted. I can't foresee any problems though as I'm sure you all have good judgement.

There maybe occasions when an image may fit more than one folder, or where it doesn't quite fit in with any specific folder. In these cases I will have to make the best decision I can in the circumstances. Just drop me a line if you have any problems. In any case, I will peruse the folders on occasion and make sure everything is in it's right place.

If anybody has any other good ideas for new folders, I am open to suggestion, so why not throw them my way.

Thanks again for all the great work so far.

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hanimal60 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017
hi there 
why cant i upload images as normal instead of the fave thing ?
Daniel-Wales-Images Featured By Owner Edited Feb 22, 2017   Photographer
Because once again, I've been an idiot. 

I changed the folders around and forgot to set permissions... and I was so sure I had it sorted this time

Should be working now. :D

Thanks for joining, glad to have you on board. :thumbsup:
hanimal60 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017
Hey 24 hours in a day 
7 days in a week lol

thanks yes it is working just uploaded 10 images hope that helps

no problem my friend :D
FooFighter7 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Are you going to announce the creation of this group on your other groups?
Daniel-Wales-Images Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017   Photographer
I will be doing so, yes. just wanted to build the gallery up a bit first this time and get things sorted. With the other groups, I was a little frustrated to share the group only to find I hadn't set permissions up etc. Same reason I left it a few days before inviting you and Small-Brown-Dog. Just wanted to get it up and working. 

I think it's sorted now, so I'll likely do it tomorrow as I need an early night tonight. 
Small-Brown-Dog Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Great group idea :)
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